Summer Fruits Collection

24.99 - 54.98
  • Summer Fruits Collection

Summer Fruits Collection
All 30 Inch( 76.8 cms) bands but different elasticity for the different strengths.

-Strawberry Light resistance (8-14kg)
-Watermelon Medium resistance (13-22kg)
-Peach Heavy resistance (20-31kg)

Fruity Booty resistance bands are premium quality made from thick custom cotton, polyester, and rubber blend. The unique blend of material ensures a non-snap, non-slip, and non-pinch feature.

Ideal for:
-Warming up the glute and hip joints to prevent injury
-Isolate and build muscle strength
-Improve muscle tone and growth
-Increased stabilization and core strength
-Ideal for rehabilitation

The bands are light and small making it easy for you to neatly pack them away to workout either indoors or outdoors / gym or home. These will also be the perfect travel buddy when on the move during summer. The complete set comes with Mesh Bag to store bands in.

Please note: It is recommended that you do not machine wash your band. Hand wash at 30 degrees using a mild detergent when necessary.